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Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Ute Utilities Division is to provide consistently high quality utility services to all of our customers at reasonable rates while continuing to maximize the benefits for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.


Hayes Briskey

Hayes Briskey is the Utilities Manager and is responsible for the oversight of all daily operations for the Utilities Division.

Julian Baker

Julian Baker is the Assistant Manager and assists in the daily operations of the Utilities Division.

Kelly Jesse

Kelly Jesse is Utilities Operations Supervisor. He oversees the general operations of both the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and is in charge of scheduling for the other department programs.

Lyndsey Hanna

Lyndsey Hanna is the Accounts Receivable Technician. She is the first contact for customers entering Utilities. Lyndsey is responsible for distributing monthly bills, taking payments from walk-in customers, and for customer concerns and questions.

Edith Weaver

Edith Weaver is the Utilities Assistant and is responsible for all administrative duties for the division. She will also take utilities payments from walk-in customers when needed.